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Best Men's Magazines Apps For The iPad

"Just for men" is not just for hair color anymore. Now there's an AppList just for men. Looking for the latest in fashion styles, do-it-yourself projects, or maybe it's time to tone up those abs? Check out our list of the Best Men's Magazines Apps For The iPad.

Valet. Magazine

by Valet Media LLC

Finally there's a style and trend magazine app created just for men. The Valet app is like having your own personal gentleman's gentleman at your beck and call. The app takes full advantage of its iPad formatting with its tab bar driven navigation, in-app videos, and social networking features. The app is brimming with over 100 style and fashion how-to’s as well as some exciting fashion news feeds. The app also features a nifty "Ask Valet" where user can ask and get answers to hot button questions or even share fashion opinions. The Valet app makes the list as the one must-have app for your iPad digital coffee table.

Men's Health Magazine

by Rodale, Inc.

For the health-conscious, the Men's Health Magazine is a must. This issue-based magazine app is a great digital companion. The app offers free issue previews, in-app issue purchasing, and a downloadable workout guide. The app uses a combination of menu & tab navigation controls that really take advantage of formatting for the iPad. Need a personal trainer or a workout guide? The app has some fantastic instructional videos and interactive articles. Rounding out the app's hidden treasures are its sharing and polling features. The Men’s Health Magazine app is a digital coffee table must.

Iron Man Magazine for iPad

by Handmark, Inc.

The Iron Man Magazine is the perfect companion for the body builder enthusiast; veteran or novice. The app uses a menu-driven navigation control format to showcase news feeds, an exhibition photo gallery and competition videos. If you love blogs and social networking, the app even has a section devoted to blogs by some of the sport’s top professionals. For newbies, the app's instructional fitness exercise how-to and product reviews are an excellent introduction to the sport. For an in-depth look into the world of bodybuilding, the Iron Man Magazine is a great selection. Stay in shape with this cool digital coffee table addition.

Automobile Magazine News for iPad

by The Zumobi Network

If you love fast cars and all things automotive, then the Automobile Magazine News app is your digital coffee table essential. Featuring a funky menu-driven navigation, the app showcases automotive news feeds from around the world, performance videos and a photo gallery. For the 411 in the automotive industry, the Automobile Magazine News app is the perfect choice. This app is a great addition for your digital coffee table.

The Daily

by The Daily Holdings, Inc.

The Daily app, $.99 issue/$39.99 yearly subscription-based app is the ultimate premier men’s magazine app. The app has a sweet opening collage, a snazzy background audio and a 2 week trial period that makes this a must-download. The app makes great use of formatting on the iPad; its small "text" navigation, in-app animations and videos all present a great reading experience. The app offers the latest in news, gossip, opinions, sports, and apps & games. Rounding out the app's offerings is its bookmarking and real-time comments feature. The Daily app offers the best of all worlds at an incredible cost.

iGIZMO Magazine

by Dennis Publishing Ltd

Boys and their toys! The free issue-based iGIZMO app is the perfect magazine app for the gadget lover. For the hottest news and gadget previews, the iGIZMO app puts the cutting edge in the palm of your hands. The app’s menu-driven & slider navigation takes full advantage of its iPad formatting. The app features gamer videos, movie clips, and interactive product showcasing. The iGIZMO app is a nice digital coffee table addition.

Entrepreneur Magazine

by Texterity, Inc.

The Entrepreneur Magazine is a free subscription-based app that is another great digital companion. The app features a swipe page view navigation structure, in-article videos, and social networking. Rounding out the app's goodies are its bookmarking and search “keyword” all issues features. Although the app is slightly sluggish when displaying content, the wealth of information outweighs this drawback.