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Bible Study Apps

One of the great features of iDevices is the ability to carry important information with you in your pocket. That's what makes these Bible Study Apps so awesome! Not only do they feature reading capabilities, but these are powerful search and study aids for the serious Bible student.


by Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software has been an industry standard for years in Desktop Software. Now, they've come to the app table with a plate full of free resources in this awesome app. It offers over 30 Bibles and access to 30 more free versions when you create a user account. Plus, there's a plethora of commentaries, dictionaries, books, and study helps available. If you're a Logos desktop user, this app will sync your iPhone app with your desktop software so all your bookmarks and study notes are always up to date on both devices. You can read, search, follow cross references with a touch and navigate easily. One of the best features is the Word Study launcher. Just hold you finger on any word in the Bible and an option will come up to do a word study. The results are accurate and amazing. When it comes to getting much more than you paid for, Logos Bible Software beats every other app. I'm still having a hard time believing this one is Free!

Touch Bible Loaded

by Patrick Franklin

Designed for both the iPhone and iPad, Touch Bible Loaded is full of rich features and helpful Bible study tools. The UI is simple with their "dial a verse" navigation that allows a user to quickly go to any verse in the Bible with a few flicks of their finger. With Touch Bible Loaded, you can highlight verses, read two versions (KJV & NET) at the same time, search, bookmark verses, and even record your own personal notes. With extra web based access to more resources, Touch Bible Loaded is a powerful study aid.

BibleScope with NIV, The Message and ERV

by haMedia

Bible Scope with NIV, Message and ERV is packed full of great Bible study tools. Some of them are native in the app itself, but many more are available for free through an in-app download feature. Some of those free downloads include the KJV with Strongs, the Darby Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Adam Clark's Commentary, John Gill Commentary, and several foreign language translations. This app's not cheap, but you need to consider the sheer number of tools and books you're getting access to. Also, there's no internet connection needed since all resources are available in the app itself. If you can afford this one, get it!

Mantis Bible Study

by Mantis Bible Company

Mantis is one of the most trusted digital Bible study resource provider and their free app is just the front door to a world of available Bible study tools. Mantis offers over 200 add-on resources that work seamlessly together. But, of course, as "add-on" implies, they do cost extra. If you're a serious Bible student, pastor, or Bible College student willing to purchase some extra books and study aids, Mantis can quite literally be a one stop shop for you. This free version offers a KJV with limited study tools, but still some good features like adding your own notes, highlighting, and bookmarking. Easy to search and navigate to scripture passages. If you want a KJV reader, this free app's worth a try. If you want to carry a library of Bible knowledge and you're willing to pay for it, Mantis is it hard to beat.



You Version's Bible app is the number one Bible app in the appstore and for good reason; it's slick, beautiful, and simple to use. The developers got this one right for the devotional bible study student. It's got more translations than you could ever read, and with the ability to make your favorite versions available off-line, you don't necessarily need an internet connection to use it. Though there's not much in the way of commentaries or extra bible study tools, the thing that I like best about Bible is the daily Bible reading plans. As you read, it keeps track of your progress and helps you know where to pick back up. Also, there is access to contributors area where You Version users can share thoughts on particular passages of scripture. For personal Bible reading and sharing, the Bible app is the way to go.


by Olive Tree Bible Software, Inc

Olive Tree's Bible Reader for Bible Study is another handy, free Bible Study app that offers a couple of free versions (ASV & KJV) and simple search, bookmarking, and highlight features. But the app also has it's own bookstore where users can purchase more Bible Study tools. The Bible reader is nice and there is a few Bible reading plans available for personal study.

Matthew Henry Commentary

by TimBecca LLC

This app features one of the most beloved Commentary sets in history. It is the complete 6 volume set of Matthew Henry's Commentary with KJV translation. It's all native to your device so there's no need for internet connection. You can easily search the volumes by passage. There's just something cool about carrying 6 books that used to weigh 20lbs. in your pocket!

Bible Dictionary Collections


Bible Dictionary Collections is a super resource to have since it has 7 most used Bible Dictionaries in one app. The list of Dictionaries includes: The ISB Encyclopedia, Easton's Bible Dictionary, Fausset's Bible Dictionary, Hitchcock's Bible Names, King James Dictionary, Smith's Bible Dictionary, and ATS Bible Dictionary. One cool in app study tool is the Daily Bible Words. Each day 6 new Bible Words are suggested for study. Since it does not require internet connection, you could use this handy resource anywhere!

Bible Shaker

by Moxic Studios

Do you like to study the Bible topically? Bible Shaker is a cool way to see what the Bible has to say about specific topics ranging from healing to hell, or guilt to giving. Just find a topic and give your iPhone a shake. The verses dealing with that subject will pop up to help you study. Cool concept and good design.

Mega Bible Maps with Definitions, History and Bible Study

by Ian Vink

When studying the Bible, sometimes it's hard to relate to the story unless you understand the environment and setting. Mega Bible Maps has information and maps to 408 biblical locations that are searchable and use google maps for satellite images. Need to see where Jericho, Jerusalem, or Bethlehem is? Mega Bible Maps can take you there and share pertinent information to help your study.

The Apologetics Study Bible for Students

by LifeWay Christian Resources

The study of Apologetics is helpful for defending the faith in a world of skeptics. The Apologetic Study Bible for Students is not just another Bible, but a helpful tool for developing one's own faith and confidence in the scriptures. Searchable Holman Christian Standard Version and 120 Apologetic Articles written by several scholars makes this app a great tool for the serious Bible student.