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Chicago Apps

Chicago always has something going on. There are tons of festivals and events happening in the summer. Whether you are a Chicago resident or a visitor, you’ll want to take advantage of this AppList.

Transit Stop: CTA Tracker

by Kramer Concepts, LLC

CTA Route: Chicago Bus Tracker is an essential app if you are a bus taker. The app tracks the buses in Chicago in real time through GPS. This app has a beautiful interface on both the iPad and the iPhone. You can save frequently used routes. This is an essential for any bus rider in Chicago.

Chicago Tribune

by Tribune Interactive

The Chicago Tribune app provides late breaking news right on your iPhone. If you want to stay up-to-date with news going on in Chicago, this is a great app to do that. It is free and has a pretty good design. Also integrated into the app are their Twitter accounts. A nice app for those in Chicago and those who just want to follow Chicago news.

Chicago Architecture

by Sutro Media

Chicago Architecture is a top notch app for exploring Chicago’s buildings. There is a map with all of the notable buildings and each building has detailed pictures and descriptions on why they are special. The app would become even better with an offline map. A nice app for both iPad and iPhone users.

Festival Finder Chicago

by Mobile Roadie

Festival Finder Chicago has just been updated for this year. It includes over 80 festivals happening this summer. The app provides you with the details you need about each event. There is a map to help you find your way to the festivals. It is a well-built app that is well worth the $0.99.

Chicago FREEvents+ : Chicago Free Events

by Feltpad Incorporated

Chicago Free Events+ allows you to check out all of the free fun events going on in Chicago. You can view events up to 30 days in advance. The app is iPad native, but we would love for the developers to make the iPad version more iPaddy and less of a blown-up iPhone app. A nice app overall that is well worth the $0.99.

Movies Filmed in Chicago

by Sagamore Apps, Inc.

Movies Filmed in Chicago as the name suggests is a fantastic resource to learn about movies shot in Chicago. These include the Dark Knight and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The app includes over 300 scenes and 200 locations. You can learn where those scenes where shot and actually visit them. A nifty little app that would be fun for just about anyone.