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Fun With Music

If you love your iPhone then there is a good chance that you also love music. When I switched over to the iPhone it also became my everyday iPod. The built-in iPod app is great but there is a whole world of music-related apps to organize, discover, and re-discover your music. From apps that help you listen to music that you haven't heard in years to apps that introduce you to new music and help you find the perfect song, this AppList will bring new vitality to your listening habits and help you have even more fun with music.

Ringtone Remix Pro (with Dropbox support)

by Electric Pocket

Creating custom ringtones is a fun way to make your iPhone unique. Now, with Ringtone Remix you can create custom ringtones right on your iPhone without having to use a separate Mac app. Ringtone Remix gives you access to your iPod music where you can choose unprotected tunes to make new ringtones. The app has a built-in waveform view so that you can pinpoint your favorite part of the song. The ringtone can be set to gradually fade in and can be up to 40 seconds in length. To install the ringtone you have to sync with iTunes, but with Ringtone Remix Pro you can send your new ringtone to your computer via DropBox or email. Creating ringtones right from your iPhone is fun with Ringtone Remix.


by daenu

Smart Playlists are awesome but you have to be tethered to iTunes to create them. Wouldn't it be great if you could create and listen to new Smart Playlists while on the go? With SmartPlaylist you can. In addition to title, artist, and album you can also tap into other metadata such as comment, play count, last played and more. Next time you have an idea for a great Smart Playlist, go ahead and create instead of waiting to get back to iTunes.

My Hit Radio

by DMac Technologies

Do you enjoy listening to your favorites but would also like to rediscover older music in your library? Setting up Smart Playlists in iTunes can help but it is challenging to set up rules that will create a balanced mix of favorites and new music. My Hit Radio will auto-generate a playlist with a balanced mix of new music and favorites. It relies on your iTunes ratings and how often you have listening to certain tracks. It can work without ratings but is much more effective if you have taken the time to rate your music. Higher rated songs are played more often and lower rated songs are played less often. Unrated songs are included into the mix as well to help you rediscover forgotten tracks.

My Artists

by Top Drawer Apps

My Artists provides background information about your favorite artists and helps you to discover new music in the process. The app imports all of the artists from your music library and then downloads artwork and biographies. Additionally, My Artists shows your albums alongside albums that you don't own yet. YouTube is integrated into the app so that when you click on new music or artist info you can view videos from directly within the app. iPod controls are also built in and when listening to music, My Artists will suggest similar artists and genres for you to check out. My Artists Lite was recently released so that you can try out these features with half of your library before deciding to buy.

TuneWiki - Lyrics with Music

by TuneWiki Inc.

TuneWiki combines playback of your music library with downloaded lyrics, radio with lyrics, YouTube videos access, and social networking all in a fun and free app. With most current tunes, lyrics downloaded and scrolled in synchronization with the playback of the song. With others the lyrics downloaded but had to be manually scrolled. If you enjoy singing along, want to have radio options with your iPod, or just want an easy way to search for your music on YouTube, then TuneWiki is for you.

MusicID with Lyrics

by Gravity Mobile

Ever been watching a movie or sitting in a restaurant and wondered what song was playing? With MusicID you can find out the song and have the lyrics in hand in no time. In addition to finding lyrics, artist bios and related YouTube videos are also accessible from within MusicID. You can also import your own iPod music and control playback from with the app. If you like what you hear then you can link directly to iTunes to purchase the track for yourself.

Attic ~ Music Controller For Forgotten Albums in Your iTunes Library

by Tapku

Attic helps you dust off those old albums in your library that haven't been played in a long time. The app selects 15 albums for you to listen to. The interface is unique and fun to use with old style records that can be dragged and dropped in a player to create a playlist. The biggest downside to Attic is that it forces you to listen to the specific 15 albums before it will refresh and choose new ones. In this way Attic is not very flexible for finding music that suits your current taste. However the interface is fun and it will force you to re-discover music in your "Attic."


by Matthew Gallagher

If you are reading this AppList I would bet that you can't fit all of your music and media on your iPhone. With StreamToMe you can access all of your iTunes content from your iPhone. With a free companion server app running on your Mac at home, StreamToMe can find your iTunes library and stream content to your iDevice. It works over WiFi as well as 3G. So next time you're syncing content for travel, remember that StreamToMe can help you access all of those tracks that you have likely forgotten to sync.

Music Library Quiz

by Andrea Vettori

Do you have a huge music library? Do you have songs that you literally haven't heard in years? With Music Library Quiz you can get to know your music library better. Quizzes are based on title, artist, album, and even cover art. The premise is simple but can be a fun way to reconnect with songs from your past. If you have missed the built-in music quiz from past iPods, then this app will fill that gap.