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Visiting The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a true gem among America’s over 50 national parks. It is a popular spot for family vacations and a great spot for the avid hiker. We will walk you through what apps you’ll want to have for your trip to the Grand Canyon in this AppList.



Kayak HD is the app you’ll want to find hotels and flights to the Grand Canyon. Getting an idea of the cost for your trip will be a good thing to have in mind when saving up for it.

Grand Canyon & Flagstaff

by Sutro Media

Another great app to have when planning your trip and actually visiting the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon & Flagstaff app. This eBook-like app is filled with wisdom from someone who once called the Grand Canyon his home. You’ll find information on lodging, shopping, trails, transportation, viewpoints, helicopter tours, dining, and much more. Do yourself a favor and grab this app while your planning your trip.

Savings and Goals

by iBear LLC

Now that you have your trip planned out, you can begin to save up for it. Beyond transportation and hotels (or camping permits), also consider food, helicopter tours and other things you may want to do while at the Grand Canyon. Savings and Goals will help you save your money quickly so you're ready to leave on time.

Packing Pro

by Quinn Genzel

Packing Pro will help you get packed up in no time. It is a pretty important thing not to forget anything when you go someplace like the Grand Canyon. You may find that you may not be able to buy everything you need once you arrive. There are some stores, but not everything you'd find in your own hometown. Get packed right with Packing Pro.

TomTom U.S.A.

by TomTom

The time has come to drive to the airport. The TomTom app will help you get there on time and make your flight. Fire it up again in your rental car once you arrive to make it to the Grand Canyon with ease.

FlightTrack – Live Flight Status Tracker by Mobiata

by Ben Kazez

FlightTrack will help you keep an eye on if your flight is delayed. It will also be handy if you are meeting others at the airport.

MotionX GPS

by MotionX™

MotionX GPS is the must-have mapping app for anything outdoorsy. If you plan ahead, you can even download maps right onto your device. You can measure distances, mark wayward points, record your hikes and much more with this feature-packed map app. You will want to plan out a few days in advance to allow time to download the Grand Canyon maps onto your device before you leave.

Topo Maps

by Phil Endecott

Topo Maps is another map app you may want to pick up for your Grand Canyon trip. Topo Maps, as the name implies, is filled with topography maps. These maps allow you to see the elevation right on a map. In an area such as the Grand Canyon, this can be a critical thing to have.

Hiking Grand Canyon National Park

by TUA Outdoors, LLC

Now that you have made it to the Grand Canyon, you may want to embark upon some fantastic hikes. This app is loaded with tons of trails. Each trail has a basic description, difficulty rating, trail rating, elevation change, distance, starting point, a non-GPS enabled map, and a few other random details. This is a great app you'll definitely want to have while visiting the Grand Canyon.


by La Camera et Compass

A good compass app is something you will not want to be without while hiking or camping. Not only is this a compass, but it is also a latitude/longitude identifier, an easy distance determiner, a current heading display and an all-around great navigation app. This is another one you’ll want to have handy for your Grand Canyon trip.


by Burbn, Inc.

While you're hiking, you’ll definitely want to snap some photos. Instagram is great because you can share photos instantly with Twitter and Facebook as well as the Instagram community. Taking pictures from the Grand Canyon will make some people wish they were there. Instagram is a great app and a fun one to have while hiking.


by tap tap tap

Camera+ is a more traditional camera app. This is a good one to have handy while hiking. Take as many photos as you can. You won’t regret it. The iPhone 4 and even the 3GS have great cameras that will help you to remember your trip. Camera+ is an excellent app to have for times like this.

Camp Recipes!

by The App Sack

Camp Recipes! will keep your stomach happy as you are out there “roughing” it. Over 700 recipes will keep your stomach full and not bored by the same old thing every time. An essential for those planning on camping while visiting the Grand Canyon.

SAS Survival Guide


SAS Survival Guide will help keep you safe and sound while camping. This is an eBook of the SAS book on steroids. If you have any concerns about surviving in the wild for a couple days, this app should do the trick. A great one for those planning on camping out at the Grand Canyon.

SPOT Connect


If you decided not to follow our advice on having appropriate maps, survival guide information, and a solid camping cookbook, you may need this next one. If there is one app/hardware combo to have from this list this would be it. The SPOT Connect is a device that would have made films like 127 Hours, Castaway, and Into The Wild pretty boring. The SPOT Connect pairs with your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth. This device currently runs about $138 on Amazon. What does it do? It provides you a lifeline to the rest of the world! Using both GPS satellites and special communication satellites, you’ll never be truly alone again. These satellites make it so you won’t need cell phone service to get saved. There is a service cost of $99 a year, which is a no brainer for those that go hiking frequently or simply want to have that added security anywhere you go. You can also add on a $12 or so a year insurance on rescues. This will provide “free” rescues when you need it. Flying in helicopters and investing a ton of manpower to return you to safety is not exactly a cheap thing. You can also send simple “I’m okay” messages with the SPOT. It will also integrate with Twitter and Facebook. We are a big fan of the added security a device like this can provide for you on your trips to the Grand Canyon.


by Facebook, Inc.

When you finish your hike, you’re probably going to want to jump on Facebook to share your exciting trip with your friends. You’ll be able to upload photos, share text updates and more with this handy app.


by Twitter, Inc.

Twitter is another place you may want to hit up after finishing up your trip. Loading your now very long Twitter feed should help you get back into the real world and back into the flow of things.


by Foursquare Labs, Inc.

Another social network you might want to launch up before leaving is FourSquare. Don’t miss this great opportunity to earn some FourSquare points. It’s also a great way to share that you are at this incredible place, while others are back at home.


by Netflix, Inc.

Need to relax for a little bit after enjoying the wonderful Grand Canyon? What better way than with Netflix? You can even watch a Grand Canyon inspired film like Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon. Enjoy your trip to this wonderful national park and may these apps help you along the way.