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Los Angeles Apps

Los Angeles is a huge city with tons of things to do. It is so vast that sometimes even the locals don’t know all of the great places to go. Thankfully, there are some apps to help out. We have compiled our favorites in this AppList for Los Angeles.

LA Times

by Tribune Interactive

The LA Times app is one of the best news apps for the iPhone we have seen done by a city paper. This app will cache files for offline use without you doing anything, and the app is not cluttered up with ugly ads. This is a great app and a great way to stay caught up with the news in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Street Food

by Sutro Media

Los Angeles Street Food helps you track down those trucks that sell food in LA. The app is far from perfect as the trucks do move from time to time. The app does a good job of letting you know what is out there.

Los Angeles.

by byss mobile

Los Angeles is a fantastic app for seeing the city as it once was! Included in the app are some fantastic zoomable high resolution maps from when LA was still a young city. It is fascinating to look into what LA was once like.

Short Trips Around Los Angeles

by, Inc.

Short Trips Around Los Angeles is a gem of an app. There are a myriad of places around the Los Angeles area that you simply don’t know about unless you seek them out and make it a point to explore. There is everything from forests to beaches, and even ski mountains. This app packs in all of the day and weekend trips that can be done around LA. A great app that is well worth the $4.99 price tag.

Los Angeles Offline Travel Guide

by Swan IT Technologies

The Los Angeles Travellers Guide app provides a wonderful way to explore the city. The interface is very similar to Where To and the others that have the spinning wheel. You can find info on attractions, hotels, city facts, history, POIs, and more. The app is a guide and it does a good job at guiding you through this huge city.

Celebrity Homes

by F.I. Pardo

Celebrity Homes is a universal app that contains a map with many of the celebrities that live in the Los Angeles area. There are tons of celebs included. It is a very basic app, but it provides just what celebrity hunters need.