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Morning Routine iPad Apps

Most people have a morning routine, a set ritual of what needs to be done every morning before heading out. Well, for many people, this now involves an iPad. We take a look at some of the most popular morning routine apps in this AppList.

The Daily

by The Daily Holdings, Inc.

The Daily was the very first Apple-supported subscription-based app. For $0.99 a week you have access to a great roundup of daily news each and every morning. There is a good mix of topics including stories on Apple and apps. You also get audio recordings of each of the stories. Many of the stories include videos too. If you are looking for a great news option on the iPad to kick off your day, this is it.

Fahrenheit - Weather and Temperature on your Home Screen

by International Travel Weather Calculator

Checking the weather is another morning routine for many. One of the best options is Fahrenheit. For $0.99 you get a fully-featured weather app that also showcases the current temperature on your home screen with a badge. Launch this app and see if it will be raining, hot, cold, windy, and much more. Best of all the app runs on the iPhone too.


by Twitter, Inc.

Besides going through your email, you may want to go through your Twitter feed every morning. The free official app is one of the best options. The interface and design are top notch. Follow a bunch of positive people on Twitter to get a nice morning mental boost before heading into the work environment.

TODAY for iPad

by msnbc

The TODAY show is one of the oldest and most popular morning television shows. There is an iPad app that can help you get kicked off each morning. With the app you can watch video clips, view slideshows, and much more. If you are a TODAY show fan, this is an app to check out.

WORLD BOOK - This Day in History for iPad

by Software MacKiev

WORLD BOOK - This Day in History for iPad is a fantastic way to kick off your morning. The free app lets you know what happened in history on this very day. You can gain some insight by knowing some important factoid. The design and layout of the app is perfect. World Book is a perfect addition to any iPad morning starter kit.

Droplist To Do - Rapid lists with optional Dropbox sync

by Bloomingsoft

Droplist ToDo is a low cost iPhone and iPad to do app. The beauty of the app makes it great to wake up to. What better way to get started with your day than to get organized with what you need to get done each day? You can sync your to-do lists with Dropbox if you want. Reminders are also easy to add to your to-do lists. Droplist is a great addition to any morning routine.

Tiny Wings

by Andreas Illiger

Tiny Wings in 2x mode is fantastic on the iPad. The app is full of cheer and joy that will make your day that much better. Play a quick game each day to get started off right. Let Tiny Wings bring you joy this day for $0.99.

Groupon HD

by Groupon, Inc.

Start your morning off with Groupon's deal of the day. Saving money is always a great way to begin your day right. Buy your Groupons within the app and redeem them from the app without printing. There is also a separate iPhone version of this app; both are free.