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Nightly Routine iPad Apps

Many people struggle with being able to relax at the end of a busy day. The iPad is here to help. We have gathered up the best nightly routine/ritual apps out there for the iPad. These apps will help you find entertainment, peace, and joy at the end of a stressful day. Check them all out in this AppList.


by Apple

A great evening ritual to start is reading. Apple’s iBooks app is one of the most polished reading apps out there. You will be immersed in your book in no time. Books are great; the iPad is great. Combine them into one sweet package with iBooks.


by Netflix, Inc.

Netflix is almost a mandatory app for iPad users. There is tons of content available to you for a low monthly subscription cost. You’ll love adding a short TV show or movie to your nightly routine with the Netflix app. Heck, you may even put on a video to simply fall asleep to.

Hulu Plus

by Hulu, LLC

The Hulu Plus app is another fantastic way to get video content onto your iPad. As a paid subscriber, you’ll have access to tons of TV shows and now even a few movies. The app itself is free and a great one to have.

Crackle - Movies & TV

by Crackle, Inc.

Crackle is fairly new iPad app from Sony Entertainment. You can stream a ton of great content from Sony for free. These include Seinfeld, The Da Vinci Code, Ghostbusters, Big Daddy, and much more. There are a few ads, but they aren’t that intrusive. For those looking for a free app with premium content, this is it.

Naturespace: Relax Meditate Escape Sleep (3D Sound - The most effective audio therapy for stress relief, sleeping, relaxation and meditation)

by Holographic Audio Theater

Naturespace takes you back to nature. The creators of this app spent over a decade capturing the sounds of nature. They flew all over the world to create this incredible app. Grab some nice headphones, sit back and relax to the sound of peace. You may find yourself asleep in a few minutes with this one.

Strange Rain

by Erik Loyer

Strange Rain is peaceful and soothing game for the iPad and iPhone. For $1.99, you get a fantastic soundtrack that many use to fall asleep to, a interesting game, and a great way to close out the day. Strange Rain will have you coming back night after night.


by Moleskine Srl

Moleskine now has a free notebook app for the iPad and iPhone. If you are looking for an elegant and free notebook app this may be the one for you. Now that you have your iPad you can start up a digital journal. A great routine to get into is to simply share what you did this day, what drove you insane, and what joys you had this day. Whatever is in your mind, let it out into the Moleskine app. Start your nightly journaling routine tonight.