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Apps For The Prepared Road Warrior

Being commuters and road-trippers, we spend a lot of our lives in cars. That being said, our cars are like our bodies; they break down and need to be repaired. As an iPhone user, you have some of the best resources at your fingertips to better prepare you and help you when the unexpected happens. This AppList will guide you through some of the best apps for roadside assistance and will help any iPhone user become a road warrior. Its like having a Boy Scout in your pocket; you are always prepared.

AAA Roadside

by AAA

Having AAA is almost as important as putting gas in your car. I cannot recall how many times I have used their service and been impressed with the quality of it. Their app is no different. The interface is very easy to use and allows you to have multiple cars on your account profile which can easily be accessed on the fly. The app finds your location and with a few taps on the screen the user can request service without calling, replace a battery, find repair shops and AAA offices and find other pertinent information regarding car services. Even if you are not currently a member, you can use some of the services as well. Never search for your AAA card or phone number again, just tap and go. On-site response is usually less than 30 minutes.

Roadside Assistance

by Phillip.L

If you do not have AAA, the Roadside Assistance App can be very helpful as well. The app will quickly find your location and divulge your exact address along with contact numbers for national and local roadside assistance. With one tap, assistance is just a phone call away.

Tow Truck Finder

by Exact Magic Software, LLC

Tow Truck Finder is your one-stop shop for finding a nearby tow truck. The app will find your location quickly and will display on a Google Map, service stations equipped with tow trucks. Within seconds you can find addresses, phone numbers, and other pertinent information regarding a local tow.

RepairPal: Auto Repair Expert

by RepairPal

RepairPal can help you at all points of your journey. The app can calculate, based on location and make and model, typical repair and service costs. This can help you get on the road safely. Once on the road, the app can help you contact emergency services and get help quickly. It can also find nearby repair shops for the unexpected repairs that occur on the road. The shops are also rated so you are not struggling to find a legitimate service provider. The app can also retrive quotes from local repair shops so you are not surprised when you receive the bill.

State Lines

by Two Steps Beyond

States Lines is essential for any road-tripper. The app provides you with all relevant state driving laws and other relevant information to help keep you safe and legal. The UI is simple and makes it easy to find out speed limits, emergency contact numbers and other quirky laws that may not be known to the average traveler. If you plan on taking a road trip, make sure you load State Lines on your phone. The app also provides tax information for every state in the union.

Gas Cubby - Fuel Economy (MPG, Mileage) Calculator and Car Maintenance & Service Log

by App Cubby

Gas Cubby will keep you up-to-date with the internals of your car and will keep you on the road longer. Not only does it track miles per gallon but also tracks your car's service record and history. The app syncs well with Gas Cubby's website and information can be entered locally on the phone or on your computer. Gas Cubby can also keep track of your insurance company, VIN, tire pressure and service reminders. The app graphs all of your information and makes the information both easily accesible and a breeze to understand. An essential app for anyone who likes to be prepared both on and off the road.