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Random Acts Of Kindness Apps

Random acts of kindness can be both a fun challenge to better yourself and to make the day of someone else. You may wonder how an app can help you be a blessing to someone else. There are quite a few apps that can help you help others. We gather our favorites up in this AppGuide.

AAA Roadside

by AAA

AAA Roadside provides a quick and easy way to request road service. A little known secret is that as long as you are with the person having car difficulties, AAA will serve any car or person having problems. So next time you see someone broken down on the side of the road and you want to do good, simply be a member of AAA and from there you’ll be able to get “free” access to tow trucks and all of the other services provided by AAA.

Amazon Mobile

by AMZN Mobile LLC

Gifts are always a welcome thing. Surprise gifts that come from out of the blue can make someone’s day. The Amazon Mobile app provides an easy way to keep a list of potential gifts for special people in your life. The Amazon app helps you cheer up someone that is down with a random gift that can even be gift wrapped if desired. Make someone feel special today with the Amazon app.

Way of Life - The Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker

by Lars p Arendt

Need a little nudge to do good this day? The Way of Life app is here to help. You set up different habits that you want to start. Create one for doing a random act of kindness. In no time you’ll be doing good things for others without even thinking about it!

Tip Calculator - with bill splitter

by Raizlabs Corporation

Many people use a tip calculator to make sure they don’t overpay their waiter or waitress. Open this app up with a different mindset. Today you are going to bless another with a fantastic tip. Instead of your normal 15% or 20% tip, go the extra mile with a 25% or 30% tip. Use the power of calculation to give that little extra. This seemingly little thing can make a big difference to someone you hardly know.

iKiva for

by ThoughtVine

Kiva is a cool little service that lets you help those in poorer countries start their own businesses. Over time, those business owners will pay you back for the money you contribute and from there you can help another business get started. These acts of kindness are not only good for the person at the other end, but for the economy too. The app lets you manage your Kiva account right on your iPhone.

iDo Good Deeds

by Coconut Island Apps

Challenge yourself this day with iDo Good Deeds. You are greeted with over 250 different good deeds. When you accomplish one you hit the conquered button (nothing is to stop you from doing it again). It is a simple, yet effective app to challenge you to do good this day.