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Relaxing Games

Sometimes you just want to relax with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad after a long day. No work, no email, no news, no challenging games or puzzles. Just a simple game that doesn’t require too much from you. Play while you watch tv and these games won’t take all of your attention away from the show. Here are some of our favorite relaxing games.


by NextApps Inc.

This one is available for either the iPhone or iPad. Either way, you simply tap on groups of like-colored smiley balls, at least three (but preferably four or more), to remove them from the screen. If you’re the competitive sort, you can play against your friends. But if you just want to relax and tap, this is an enjoyable way to do it.


by Chillingo Ltd

This one may look similar to Booooly!, but gameplay is totally different. Simply tap once on the screen to set off a sneezing chain reaction that will hopefully pop every Sneezie right out of its bubble. There is a separate iPad version for those who want to play on a larger screen.

Veggie Samurai

by QuantumSquid Interactive

This app is very similar to one of our oft-mentioned favorites, Fruit Ninja. Gameplay is virtually the same, except instead of fruit, you slice veggies to your heart’s delight. Instead of slicing each piece of produce just one time, as in Fruit Ninja, you can actually dice each veggie into tiny bits. This is great for taking out your frustrations from a difficult day. Play in Harmony mode for the most relaxing gameplay. Again, you can buy a separate iPad version if that’s your device of choice. There is a free, lite version as well.

Eric Snider's Solitaire: Klondike

by Sniderware

I just never tire of Klondike Solitaire and often reach for this version to relax after a long day. Move the cards by tapping or tossing with your finger. In fact, the controls are so smooth, it almost feels as if you are moving the cards just by thinking where you want them to go.This app is both visually and physically satisfying. It’s universal, so purchase one time to use on all of your iDevices.

Zen Bound® 2 Universal

by Secret Exit Ltd.

This universal sequel to the original iPhone game is just as relaxing as the first one. Wrap rope around wooden sculptures. The physicality of this game is quite impressive. The soothing, other-worldly visuals and music are bound to bring out zen feelings in you.

Music Catch

by Lemon Games, SL

Catch the notes that float by in order to rack up points. Try to capture the yellow notes (for bonus points) and purple notes (for power) but avoid the red notes. Listen to relaxing music and tap away.

Neon Mania

by Vivid Games

Simply trace your finger along the indicated lines to create beautiful neon signs. Choose Rush mode to test your speed or Challenge mode to gauge your precision. With hundreds of puzzles, you won’t run out anytime soon. The glowing colors and relaxing soundtracks make this an enjoyable, relaxing game.

Liqua Pop

by Electronic Arts

This simple, pretty iPhone/iPod touch game puts you in the rainforest to soothe you as you play. Just swipe your finger around to join water droplets of the same colors. As they pop, you get points; bonus points if your move releases a ladybug.