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San Francisco Apps

San Francisco is the home of some huge tech events like WWDC, Macworld, and Google IO. Also, a myriad of websites and tech companies have their homes here. If you are visiting or living in San Francisco there are some apps that may be of some help to you. We showcase our favorites in this AppList.

Time Shutter - San Francisco

by ISL Consulting

Time Shutter - San Francisco Deluxe allows you to compare the old San Francisco with today. Included in the app are 246 images that show you both old San Francisco and new San Francisco. There is a map to help you navigate the various locations. You can even reshoot the new images to make it your own. Also included are helpful captions to assist in your appreciation of each location. A great app that has a free version as well.

Tour San Francisco

by GoTourIt

Tour San Francisco turns your iPhone into your own personal tour guide. Included is an audio guide to the city. This is integrated into the map to provide appropriate content based upon where you are. There is some text info as well. A great app that will end up costing you some money as you add on different tour modules.

SF Tours

by Geotrio Inc.

SF Tours is a nice alternative to Tour San Francisco, and this app is completely free. A nice feature is you are able to tip the tour creator, but this is not a requirement to use the free app. The interface is great and there is plenty of content to help you explore the city.

Local Birds of Northern California

by Natural Guides, LLC

If you want to go bird watching in San Francisco this will be a great app to grab. Included is over 200 types of birds common in northern California. You can even filter birds based upon color, size, type, or season. The images included are accurate and detailed. A nice description is also given for each type of bird. A nice app at a nice price.

Pocket MUNI

by Nozzy

Pocket MUNI is the must-have app for those taking the buses, the cable cars or the metro. The app will show you in real time where the buses are and estimate arrival time based on location. The app is dead simple to use and great for both SF locals and tourists.

San Francisco Restaurants

by Sutro Media

If you are looking for some great San Francisco food, then this is the app for you. The app is packed with all sorts of little gems that you would never discover on your own. Each place has a nice description along with images and a map to help you get there. This app is a must-have for tourists and locals alike.