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Video Out Enabled iPad Apps

The iPad has a beautiful screen, but what if you want to use your iPad on an external monitor? These apps all let you use your iPad on a big screen TV or computer monitor. There are three different adapters that can be used. You can pick up a cheap $29 VGA adapter or the $50 composite or component video adapters from the Apple store. Check out all of these great video enabled apps below!


by Netflix, Inc.

Netflix is the go to app for on-demand video. The iPad app is free and supports video out capabilities. Once you hook your iPad up the video and audio will then be played back on the big screen. The playback controls remain on the iPad, but all video will be routed to your TV. The picture quality adjusts to the larger screen to offer a very nice looking video. If you are an iPad owner a Netflix subscription is a must!

Air Video - Watch your videos anywhere!

by InMethod s.r.o.

Air Video turns your Mac or Windows machine into a video streaming server for your iPad. The app can be setup to be used over 3G for remote access. The app fully supports video output via any of the cables. One great use for this is hooking an iPad up to a pico projector to turn your iPad into a mobile movie theater. Air Video is a must have app for any iPad.

ZumoCast - Stream videos & music instantly

by Zecter Inc.

ZumoCast now also supports video output. ZumoCast is an app that lets you stream video and audio. The app also supports viewing of any supported file on your iPad. The app can now playback videos on an external monitor or TV. The app is a good alternative to Air Video. The video quality may not be quite as good as Air Video, but the video is still very watchable. ZumoCast works seamlessly over 3G or remote WiFi networks. There is no additional setup required to access ZumoCast remotely.


by MGS Development

ForScore is an app for musicians needing sheet music on the go. The app includes hundreds of free songs that download directly into the app. The app is highly optimized for sheet music. The app includes features like a visual metronome, setlists, half-page turns, annotating, and more. The app now supports video out. The new functionality is great for teachers wanting to show off and teach music in a classroom environment.

Chopper 2

by Majic Jungle Software

Chopper 2 is a universal app for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The iPad when hooked up to the TV turns into a gaming console. The concept is the iPad is like a PS3 or Xbox and the iPhone or iPod turns into your controller. You use your iPhone to steer a chopper to rescue allies and destroy enemies. Chopper 2 is one of the first games that shows what an Apple Entertainment System could be like. (NES - Nintendo Entertainment System)

The Incident

by Big Bucket Software

The Incident is another game that demonstrates the ideas of the “Apple Entertainment System.” The app allows you to hook up your iPad to the TV and use your iPhone or iPod touch as a controller. The gameplay is a retro styled arcade game. It is yet another must have game for the iPad and iPhone.


by Cocoa Box Design LLC

The iPad can be a great notebook with apps like PenUltimate. The app lets you create multiple notebooks that you then draw inside of. The app now supports video output. The great use of this is sharing your notes and ideas in a meeting up on the projector. PenUltimate does some very cool things. The app can detect where your wrist is to avoid accidental input. It is a very useful app for those that want to turn their iPads into a notebook.


by Apple

Apple’s very own Keynote app has supported video output from day one. The iPad screen will be used as the controller for your slides and it can even be used as a laser pointer. When touching and holding down with a single finger a laser pointer will appear on the projection. The app is not perfect, but it is still a great way to create and share your presentations on your iPad.

2Screens - Presentation Expert

by Edwin Lam

Some people are not happy with the Keynote app. 2Screens is an alternative to Keynote. The app is a fully featured document viewer, photo viewer, web browser, and whiteboard app with video output capabilities. The app even has a counterpart remote app to control your iPad! You could even export Keynote presentations for use in 2Screens. The app features multiple tabs to quickly jump between the whiteboard and document viewers. If you are unhappy with Keynote give 2Screens a shot!

iTeleport for iPad

by iTeleport Inc.

ITeleport is a great app that can be used to access your Mac or Windows machine remotely. The app uses your Google account to get behind any firewalls. The app fully supports video output on the iPad. The iPad becomes a huge touchscreen when hooked up to a monitor. The app also supports bluetooth keyboards to turn your iPad into a mobile workstation! ITeleport is a great option for those looking for a powerful VNC app for the iPad.


by ShiftKeySoftware

If you are a TWIT.TV fan you should probably grab the TwitPad app. The app supports Justin.TV, Ustream and Audio streaming of the TWIT.TV network. The app also supports video out, so you can watch TWIT on your big screen TV.


by Colordodge Labs

Uzu is a wonderful way to spend some time. The app provides a way to perform with light. The app lets you interact with light in 10 different ways. The app adjusts what it does based on how many fingers you are using. The app is a cool way to actually perform art. The app also supports video output. A cool way that this could be used is in abstract dance or music performances. Imagine having an Uzu performer in the background of an orchestra or dancer. The possibilities are endless!