Everyone’s favorite image color editor, ColorSplash, has just received an update that allows you to share your creations online by adding the ability to upload edited images to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter (via TwitPic).

ColorSplash has been a popular application at the App Store.  It has been hovering in the top 25 paid applications for quit some time, if that is any testament to its popularity.  It is kind of an artsy application, allowing you to turn images black and white while keeping whatever detail and color you so choose.  Now that ColorSplash has the added benefit of uploading your images directly from the application itself, it has become even more useful.

Way back in March we did a review on version 1.0 of the application, giving it four stars and declaring it a “should have.”  Now that it has received the 1.2 update, maybe we should bump it up to a five star rating?  What do you think?

Have any of you given ColorSplash a try yet?  Are you now enticed to finally take the plunge and purchase ColorSplash because of the added ability to upload images directly from the application?

ColorSplash 1.2 is available at the App Store for $1.99.