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Apple Releases a New Remote... Finally

October 20, 2009


Our favorite Cupertino (Calif.) computer company has just announced an array of new Apple products ready for consumption; a new iMac, Macbook, Mac mini, a Magic Mouse, and new remote are sitting seductively in the Apple Store. While the head turning Apple Magic Mouse seems to be getting all the attention today, the new remote is the most overdue fresh product from Apple. The new remotes are a sleek chrome color and look much more slender than their stumpy white ancestor, which were meant to match the Macs of yore.


With a fifty dollar Universal Dock, you can control your iPhone and iPod using the handy new controller, in addition to your Mac, which it will control without any add ons -- assuming your machine is newer than 2004. The glossy white finish that became associated with cheap-Mac is being abandoned for the familiar, higher-end Mac all-aluminum coat. The remotes are $19.00 and available to order now, here.

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