How crazy/sexy/cool, yet totally unethical, would it be if you could see through peoples clothes by using the 3GS camera API and its embedded camera? Well allegedly you can… according to a YouTube video at least. Nude It is an iPhone app (not an approved one mind you) that has made a lot of noise and gotten a lot of hits on its YouTube video for claiming it could do just that.

What is interesting is not so much the scam itself, but the fact that the guy who published the video on YouTube received around 4,000 e-mails asking when it’s going to arrive in the App Store or how to obtain it. Come on people, the iPhone has some nice features, but I’m going to ┬áhave to break it to you, this is not possible…

Is our perception of the limits of technology shifting ? Or are some people just morons ?

Thanks to Michael Krivicka for the tip.

[via whoisthebaldguy]