The excellent WhatsApp application just received another update and is available now for free for a short while again. For those of you who don’t know WhatsApp, it’s an iPhone to iPhone messenger featuring Push Notifications.

Its most interesting feature in comparison to similar apps like Ping is its ability to go through your iPhone’s contact list and automatically add all your friends who also installed it. No need to look for your friends user names/pins/id’s anymore.

Here is a list of updates :

- show time stamp for each message

- “broadcast message” to multiple contacts

- “email chat history”

- “team sissou” mode

- display number of offline messages under the picture of a contact

- display date/time contact was last seen online

- fix a “double messages” bug which was
affecting ~1% of users

- improved sound notifications when screen is locked and application receives a new message

- improved push notifications even more

Do many of you actually use it ?

[via @WhatsAppInc]