In a move that seems to be the norm these days, Super Squawk Software has updated their classic and quirky tower defense game, The Creeps!, with in-app purchase contest instead of providing it free of charge. ¬†Although this may seem reminiscent of the move Subatomic Studios’ made with Fieldrunners‘ new content, it does differ slightly considering the amount of content being provided and the initial price of the game.

thecreeps!_screen1The Creeps! is a tower defense game that features cartoony graphics, tons of unique towers and enemies, destructible terrain, and online leader boards and achievements via Agon Online. The game has been around for a while, first being released in December 2008, which has allowed it to become a fan favorite. Unlike Fieldrunners, the game has seen a dramatic decrease in price since its launch and has stayed at that low price, and it has also been updated with unique items and features quite often over the past year. All of the updates up until this point have been free, but none have provided as much content as the most recent one.

The Creeps! v1.4 adds the ability to obtain new levels via in-app purchases. The three levels packs are priced at $.99 a piece, but offer six new levels per pack along with new dinosaur enemies. The three packs vary in difficulty and game modes.

The update isn’t just about in-app content, however. It also adds new achievements, a new help screen that shows your statistics, and no longer rquires you to choose a name before playing.

The Creeps! is available in the App Store for $.99.  If you were to purchase all three level packs, the total cost of the game would be $3.96, which is still fairly reasonable.