We might not be big fans of the Android over here but we must give it credit for one interesting feature, its pattern-based unlock screen.

The idea is that instead of a simple slide to unlock, a pin or alphanumeric code, Android OS lets you unlock your screen by drawing a pattern. Something some iPhone owners (like me) might have been jealous of.

Well, no more! A savvy developer managed to port this on the iPhone for us to enjoy. It’s called AndroidLock and it’s freely available on Cydia and Rock, just install it, pick a pattern in the settings.app and you’re all set.

It’s not very secure as all it takes to deactivate is someone calling the phone, pressing home and uninstalling the package while on hold, but it’s still a nice feature. So nice actually that when passing through airport security this weekend, I ended up having to install it on one of the controller’s iPhone.

[Thanks to Steven for the tip]