Hockey Nations 2010 is the first 6 on 6 Hockey game for the iPhone & iPod Touch and it’s available at a special launch price of $3.99 until 9th April.

We have had football, golf and soccer games for the iPod touch, so it was only a matter of time before ice hockey made an appearance, and it’s well worth the wait. Hockey Nations 2010 is a full arcade simulation of ice hockey featuring 14 national teams from around the World. If you have played any of the arcade games on iPhone OS then the controls will be familiar with a virtual D-Pad on the left and action buttons on the right to pass, shoot, tackle etc. All in all the gameplay experience is a good one with smooth graphics and realistic interaction between the players on the ice. With 5 playing modes available there’s plenty to keep you entertained but if you are stuck for time there’s aways the option to just play Shoot-outs and go one on one with the keeper.

The fact that there is only 6 on 6 in hockey is an advantage that really lends itself to the screen size of iPhone and iPod Touch. The ability to be able to turn certain features off, such as icing and offsides, is also a huge bonus particularly if you’re a novice.

Fingers crossed we see an official NHL game soon too.

Hockey Nations is available at a special launch price – $3.99