George A. Romero’s highly anticipated App of the Dead has finally zombie-shuffled into the App Store, and is available now to download.

The legendary director has teamed up with Addictive Interactive, an Ohio-based developer, to bring us the application in support of his latest cinema release Survival of the Dead, which hit theatres on May 28th. The application itself allows the user to zombify their friends and family by importing photos and adding effects such as open wounds, weapons, and deformed eyes and mouths. There are twenty of this ghastly effects to apply.

But that’s not all.

Once you’ve successfully managed to transform your loved ones into sadistic members of the undead, you have the option to enter Kill Mode and dispose of them through the application’s unique first person shooter mechanic which allows for multiple shots and even includes blood splatter!

After thoroughly destroying your chosen zombie, you can then save the final image and post it to a social networking site, share it via email, or just save it to your camera roll for future viewing.

App of the Dead is a fun app. It combines image creation and first person shooting to bring something quite unique to the App Store. And at $1.99 it’s hardly going to break the bank.

So check it out now. You must be absolutely dying to.