From the creators of the hit physics platformer, Hook Champ, comes a successor of a new level. Super QuickHook let’s you explore the secrets and treasures of Eagle Mountain with an upgraded, but similar experience.

Super QuickHook retains the same gameplay of moving your character left or right through different environments, while utilizing a grappling hook to find coins. The coins enable you to upgrade your equipment and buy tons of neat hats. As would be expected, this sequel adds an upgraded graphics style, new characters, new levels, new environments, new music, more achievements, awesome new hats and medals to give you a fresh experience.

Casual and hardcore fans won’t be disappointed with a few more significant additions to this retro-themed title. You can now explore sections and levels more thoroughly to find new secret areas and Easter eggs without being forced through in a manic rush. However, being quicker and generally more efficient is still going to earn you more points, medals, and achievements. Another great addition is checkpoints. If you progress far enough to pass one, you won’t have to start completely over in the event you hit some catastrophic problems.

What may end up being most interesting to those competitive and extremely addicted gamers is the addition of an Avalanche mode and a duel system. Avalanche mode is a fun way to compete and test your endurance by pitting yourself against an endless and random landslide of rocks and boulders. Duel mode allows you to ‘ghost’ race your friends for endless competition of perfection.

If you purchase Super QuickHook today, you get some bonus items and $1 in savings from it’s regular $2.99 price tag. Check out this gameplay trailer below.