It has taken a while in development, and hasn’t even been released yet. But, iHome‘s iPad clock radio dock has been announced, which is a start.

As TUAW reports, iHome’s dock will allow users to sync their iPad, which will include radio and clock features, along with Bluetooth. This will aid users in connecting their devices together. Alarm times will be synced whenever the user connects the iPad with its dock. Additionally, the dock will be iPhone compatible, which is handy.

It is also expected that iHome’s iHome+Sleep app will eventually gain iPad optimization, allowing it to work alongside the dock and iPad.

Currently, no price or release date for the dock has been set, though similar iPhone models cost around $100. Nobody seems sure why it’s taken so long for iHome to release an iPad-compatible dock, considering that Apple’s tablet has been on the market for some time, and that many users would undoubtedly appreciate a dock like this.

So, until the release, prospective buyers are just going to have bide their time. We’ll be reporting on iHome’s iPad dock when it finally gains a price tag and a release date, so be sure to check back for updates! And, in the meantime, let us know whether you’re planing on purchasing iHome’s upcoming iPad dock in the comments box below.