Last year, Apple rejected the official Google Voice app and pulled the rest of the available clients. This lead to an FCC investigation involving Google, Apple and AT&T. So naturally, at this week’s Google Voice/Gmail press conference, someone asked if anything had changed. Or, would an official Google Voice app be coming soon.

According to Craig Walker, the group product manager for Google Voice, “nothing has changed” since the apps were pulled in 2009 and the FCC got involved. So for now, no official Voice app is available.

Without trying to take sides between Apple and Google, I will say this: Google Voice would be a terrific addition to iPhones. Not only would the service add another option for device users, it would go along way of patching the fractured relationship between the two companies.

However, my fear is that with the FCC now involved, it will be the government that will ultimately decided a winner (and loser) on this issue.

Still, in the meantime, you can always use the HTML5-based web app that works pretty nicely over at