If you’re a fan of keeping your private stuff private, perhaps with the help of app-locking tweak, Locktopus, then Camera Preview Disabler is the perfect addition to your iPhone.

Users of Locktopus may already be aware of the paradoxical issue surrounding your iPhone’s Camera application. Many use the jailbreak tweak to lock-up personal applications such as Messages, Mail, and Photos – leaving apps such as Camera unlocked as they need to be quick and easy to access. However, the problem is that users of the Camera app can access photos stored on your iPhone through the bottom-left “preview” icon. Nightmare, right?

Well, not anymore. Because a new tweak available in Cydia allows users to remove this preview icon from their Camera application, preventing intrusive users from accessing their personal photo library.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the preview icon is no longer present in the Camera application – Camera Preview Disabler has removed it – meaning your Photo app is once again completely personal.

This is a great tweak for anybody currently using Locktopus to password protect their iPhone applications. Camera Preview Disabler is available now in Cydia for free – so if you’re the private type, check it out!