While viewed as a netbook alternative, one accessory manufacturer lets iPad owners “have their cake and eat it too.”

Reported around the web as a new iPad case from an Asian manufacturer, these are actually photos of the production version of the KeyCase iPad folio with Bluetooth keyboard. While not currently posted on any U.S. distributor sites, the KeyCase does appear for sale on GearZap.com, although it is currently out of stock.The KeyCase has a very low profile Bluetooth keyboard mounted to one side of a folio,, with the iPad taking up the opposite side. The result is a very slim netbook alternative.

From the images it appears that you can charge the Bluetooth keyboard’s rechargeable battery using the same cable and charger used on the iPad. The rechargeable battery is reportedly capable of operating for 90 hours between charging so the user should not need to worry about frequent recharging.

While pricey for a case at 59.99 pounds (about $92 US), this setup is actually cheaper than buying a high end case and Bluetooth keyboard from Apple separately. What remains to be seen is what the demand for this type of case will be.

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