Remember when pzizz sleep went free not so long ago, along with pzizz energizer? Indeed, the sleep aid applications which soothe users into a semi-conscious state through the power of voice and sound, both work brilliantly. And, it was great to see both go free!

In fact, it seems iPhone users are so impressed with pzizz’s software that CEO Edward Laing has decided to offer the apps at a discounted rate for the rest of the summer. He said:

I realized how many people were absolutely desperate for stress relief, more energy and a better night’s sleep, and I want to make sure that our technology is available to as many people as possible.

So now, both pzizz sleep and pzizz energizer are on sale for $0.99 each – an absolute bargain, if you ask me. And, don’t forget: the applications used to be $9.99 each! So new buyers can buy the apps for a tenth of their original price.

If you’re not familiar with the apps, here’s a quick run through:

pzizz sleep and pzizz energizer are designed to help users achieve a thorough and refreshing sleep (or nap). iPhone users plug their headphones in, launch the app, lie back and relax – allowing the soothing voice and sounds to hypnotize them into unconsciousness.

But don’t worry, it’s not as freaky as it sounds. In fact, the pzizz apps work very well and whenever I’ve used them, they’ve certainly done the job.

So be sure to check out pzizz sleep and pzizz energizer in the App Store now, while both apps are cheap! And, if you make a purchase, be sure to let us know whether these applications send you to sleep in the comments box below!