Humanity has destroyed Earth and Mother Nature, but there is a last resort defense mechanism in a giant worm. This sets the stage for Super Mega Worm which is an upcoming game with retro 8-bit graphics and one killer worm. You play as the worm trying to kill as many humans as you can, and constantly eating to stay alive.

You eat humans, cows, birds, and more while destroying objects like cars and helicopters. The game features 24 levels with over 20 different types of items to eat, and as the worm eats it grows, and earns special abilities. Soon you’ll be able to spit at enemies, perform a meteor slam when high in the air, and even an EMP burst.

The game is extremely simple, and fast paced fun. You just dive up and down trying to line the worm’s mouth up with any edible item you can. The entire time playing the game it felt like the movie Tremors. It’s such an odd theme of killing humanity, but this is made to make that premise as enjoyable as possible. It seems odd that this worm hatches in 2012 to coincide with the end of the Mayan Calendar, may be a coincidence.

The art style is nice and retro, and its hilarious seeing the worm burst out of the ground, and the edible items exploding into blood. Every level has a certain number of humans to eat, and as you advance you will need to take down helicopters and such to meet the human kill requirements. If you like fast paced action this is definitely one to keep on your radar.

The game is expected within the next month, and we will have a full review once it hits the App Store.