Overview & Features

If your thirst for side scrolling shooters isn’t quenched perhaps Van Pershing can do the trick. With a Van Helsing theme, and gameplay similar to Zombieville USA you blast through Zombies, Werewolves, Cyclops, Frankensteins, and more. There are 40 levels with four different environments to shoot through.

For each kill you earn coins which can be spent on new weapons, and even magic potions. There are definitely a lot of upgrades possible, but you have to get well in to the game to be able to purchase them. Most of the intriguing weaponry and magic is after you’re half way through the game, and it’s quite tedious to make it that far without them.

The Breakdown

It really takes awhile to get into the heart of the game, and it’s rather slow moving and boring. The game plays extremely close to Zombieville, but it feels like it’s at a slower pace. It’s as though you’re just going through the motions tapping mindlessly with no challenge.

Granted this changes, but not until you’re considerably into the game seeing the animations of the various weaponry, and facing different monsters. The art style is great with nice cartoon characters and plenty of detail in the background. The background soundtrack has a quick moving haunted kind of theme, but the monster sound effects are annoying at best.

Van Pershing isn’t the best game in the genre because it has such slow pacing, so it’s worth considering for $0.99. I suggest checking out Zombieville USA and Inkvaders for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. If you have both, and are patient than Van Pershing may be for you.