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DEVONthink To Go - Now Available

After many weeks of waiting through the App Store approval process, DEVONThink To Go is here. The app is a companion for DEVONnote and the many different versions of DEVONthink. The desktop applications are Mac only for now. DEVONthink is the one database for all your digital files, a practical, powerful document manager that uses built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help you collect and organize everything from emails to PDFs, whether they’re located on your Mac or on the web. The To Go app puts all of that information at your fingertips on all of your iDevices. The app also allows you to add your own notes and images on the go. These notes will be geo-tagged so you can later find them by location. The app includes a built in map to find those geo-tagged notes. The one big feature that is not here yet is remote syncing. The developers are working on a way to sync your database through a WebDAV server. For now, it only has local sync over Wi-Fi. The app also supports TextExpander snippets, password protection (if enabled on the Mac), OCR on DEVONthink Pro Office databases, open in command (to add new files to your database), and more. DEVONthink TO GO is available now as a universal app for $14.99. The price is expected to go up after the introductory pricing period is over. If you are a DEVONthink To Go user, please let us know what you think about the app in the comments box below.
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