During a press event in New York yesterday, EA revealed details and screenshots for their entire fall lineup of iPhone and iPad games.  A handful of the games listed below have already been revealed via various means, while others are totally new and somewhat unexpected.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Based on the best-selling console game, Battlefield Bad Company 2 will bring the best of what the series has to offer to our mobile devices.  It will feature a console-level storyline that spans 14 single-player missions across five battle zones.  The game will offer classic FPS action, while also allowing you to hop into vehicles.  It will also feature full online multiplayer, something EA hasn’t exactly delivered in their previous games.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 should be available sometime in November 2010.

High Caliber Hunting (iPhone/iPod Touch)

A hunting game that will sport Retina graphics and realistic natural environments.  You will go on the hunt for more than 20 types of wild game, including bear, moose, boar, and even smaller critters like fox, rabbit, and squirrel.  The game will also include 70 real brand-name firearms and gear.

High Caliber Hunting should be available sometime in November 2010.

MMA (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Although we have already seen what this title will look like, we now have some more details.  MMA will feature Retina graphics for those iPhone 4 and new iPod touch owners out there, authentic MMA action with realistic fighting styles, over 20 real-life fighters, and intuitive touch controls.

EA Sports MMA should be hitting the App Store sometime this month.

NBA Elite 11 (iPhone/iPod Touch)

5-on-5 basketball at its best.  NBA Elite 11 will feature Retina graphics, updated rosters for all 30 NBA teams, over 450 players and unlockable legends, a 3-point shootout mode, and commentary from ESPN’s Mike Breen, Mark Jackson, and Jeff Van Gundy.

NBA Elite 11 should be hitting the App Store sometime this month.

Heroes Lore (iPhone/iPod Touch)

This best-selling Korean RPG game will follow the stories of Kei and Rits as they fight for their kingdoms.  The game will features online head-to-head action, 2-on-2 multiplayer action, single-player campaign with over 30 hours of gameplay, six detailed environments, five weapon classes, and much more.

Heroes Lore should actually be hitting the App Store any moment now, so stay tuned.

SimCity Deluxe (iPad)

As you may have already guessed, this will be an iPad-optimized version of the iPhone game.  It will feature a new HUD with customizable features, high resolution graphics, more space for you to build up your city and tear it down with simultaneous disasters, and more.  It’s too bad EA didn’t just make this a universal game, though.

SimCity Deluxe should be available sometime in November 2010.