When Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 7, one company was prominently displayed alongside: Electronic Arts Inc. The company is a huge player in the gaming market and has long been tied to Microsoft thanks to the Xbox.

However with EA Mobile, which is a division of Electronic Arts Inc., committed to launching a significant number of titles for Win7 over the next few months, it makes you wonder what this means for Apple’s iOS platform.

Don’t get me wrong, EA Mobile has a nice lineup of apps available for both the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. In fact, it was nice to see their signature title, Madden 11, debut on the iPad the same day it was released for the Xbox.

However, since then, the iPad version hasn’t been getting much love from the folks at EA Mobile.

Madden 11 for the iPad still does not have a multiplayer mode even though it has been promised to users since August. Additionally, a highly advertised “Vintage Voltage Football” feature is also missing in action. Sure these features may still be “coming soon,” but with the NFL season nearly half over, I’m beginning to wonder.

Additionally, EA Mobile’s NCAA Football remains missing from the iPad, even though it is very similar to Madden 11. While the game looks amazing with the Retina display on the iPhone, it really should be available for Apple’s larger device.

Could it be that Electronic Arts is too involved with the release of Windows Phone 7? Do they no longer have the time or resources to maintain their edge on Apple iDevices? Hopefully this isn’t the case. But, it does make you wonder.

What do our readers think? Is Electronic Arts, Inc. shifting its focus towards Microsoft and away from Apple? Leave your comments below.