After over a year in development the sequel to an original iPhone gaming feat Galaxy on Fire 3D is primed for the App Store. Galaxy on Fire 2 will be released tomorrow for an introductory price of $6.99 (New Zealand iTunes link). The Sci-Fi space shooter genre has ben refreshed by Gameloft’s recent Star Battalion, but Fish Labs looks to blow that out of the water.

Watch the trailer below with actual in-game footage, and try not to be excited for this title. In anticipation of the launch the original Galaxy on Fire 3D is free right now. Galaxy on Fire 2 looks amazing on a retina display without a doubt, but feature wise it will include a deluxe story mode with full voice acting, and over 10 hours of gameplay.

You will search a galaxy of over 20 solar systems and face mission based and freelance mode as well. Our full review will publish shortly after the game’s US release.