Parrot has revealed a few details for the upcoming release of their first AR.Drone game. AR.Pursuit is an upcoming augmented reality combat simulator for Parrot’s advanced quadricopter.

With AR.Pursuit, you have the normal AR.Drone control scheme, but the game adds a few combat indicators. On the left side, you’ll see what appears to be the number of remaining missiles in your arsenal. Across the top of the screen are the damage meters for you and your opponent.

One of you will begin as the pursuer, while the opponent’s goal will be to evade your assault. Halfway during gameplay, you’ll switch objectives to give you an opportunity to attack your foe. Machine guns are automatic, whereas you shake your iDevice to fire a missile.

If you haven’t guessed already, this is a one-on-one battle title. Not only does it require you to own an AR.Drone and iPhone or iPod touch, but you need to know or find someone with an AR.Drone and an iPhone or iPod touch as well. Considering the prices of these tech gadgets, that may not be so easy.

AR.Pursuit will become available in the App Store on November 26th, and is speculated to be priced at £1.79 / $2.99. You can purchase an AR.Drone from the AR.Drone Store or select retailers for $299 / £299, not including applicable shipping, handling, or taxes.

The AR.Drone requires a minimum of an iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 2.0 or later to run the basic control app, Free Flight, which can be downloaded from the App Store for absolutely free.

Truthfully, especially the voice, this game just gives me déjà vu of Wargames: The Dead Code. Check out our review of the AR.Drone. What are your thoughts on the AR.Drone finally seeing the augmented reality aspect take fruition?

[via Gizmodo]