With that nasty trademark dispute finally out of the way, Mobigame has been able to focus on bringing new features and enhancements to their acclaimed puzzle platformer, and that’s just what they have done with the first substantial update to Edge since May.

Edge v1.5 now features full iPad support, allowing those big screen gamers to see just what all of the fuss has been about.  iPhone 4 and new iPod touch owners also benefit from the update thanks to Retina display support.  The game features a new login screen as well, five unlocked levels instead of one, and performance improvements.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience Edge quite yet, it’s a puzzle platformer that requires you to guide a cube through 3D geometric landscapes in the quickest possible time by avoiding obstacles and traveling over moving platforms.  The game features 46 levels, three different control methods, an unlockable Turbo Mode, and 18 unique techno tunes.

Edge for iPhone and iPad is available in the App Store for $2.99.

And here’s a handy tip for those who prefer landscape mode over portrait, the default orientation.  During the game, simply touch the screen with two fingers and spin clockwise or counterclockwise.  This will rotate the entire board for a wider viewing angle, which is especially helpful on the iPad.