One Man Left Studios is providing those last few iOS gamers that haven’t given Tilt to Live a try yet the opportunity to do so free of charge by finally releasing a lite version of the popular arcade game. And, in celebration of Tilt to Live Lite‘s release, the full version has received a temporary price drop.

Like Tilt to Live HD for iPad, Tilt to Live Lite is meant to give iPhone gamers a taste of what to expect from the full version by providing them with the game’s Classic mode, which is one of the four game modes included in the full version. It also features four of the nine weapons included in the full version of the game, but at times a spike shield will also appear as an ultra-rare bonus.

Tilt to Live Lite players are able to compete against each other via a single Game Center leaderboard, helping round out the experience. Unlike the iPad version, however, you are unable to unlock the other game modes via in-app purchase, but there is a direct link to the full version within the game.

One Man Left has also dropped the price of the full version of Tilt to Live from $2.99 to a measly $.99. Don’t forget, there is also a large content-expansion update coming this December, so that $.99 will be well spent.