No one can accuse developers of shying away from creating news apps. These have been an App Store staple for a while now, and their ranks continue to grow. Now, one of the top iPad news apps has a little brother. The FLUD mobile app was recently released for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Created by FLUD, the app is every bit as impressive as its larger counterpart, FLUD for the iPad.

Its developers describe it as a “modern, beautiful and personalized news ecosystem,” which it is. The FLUD mobile app is nothing short of art.

Users have access to up to 25 personally chosen newsfeeds presented in a beautiful and usable interface. You can stay up to date on your favorite websites from within the app or search for new sites to explore. You move from source to source using an intuitive scroll bar on the home screen. As you add feeds, the app is automatically updated to include the new information.

Each article is presented using a one paragraph summary. If you want to read the entire article, click on “Web View” or open the article in mobile Safari.

Finally, if you “love” an article, click on its heart icon. This influences what other FLUD users will read on a minute to minute basis. Articles can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and through email.

There are two issues worth noting. First, the app does not work in landscape mode. I feel the app’s design would look even better in this mode.

Also, while FLUD mobile offers a lot of preselected (and worthy) news feeds already, adding new ones takes some getting used to. The process isn’t user friendly. And, some of these feeds don’t always look as nice as the ones already selected.

Overall, this is an amazing app, that will surely get better with future updates. Did I mention it is absolutely free? Amazing.

Download FLUD mobile from the App Store.