Reeder for iPad, has recently received a great new update (version 1.3). Now, the application includes “initial support for Readability” – a feature that allows users to fetch full articles from any website, without the added clutter of images, and ads.

Users can view the content of any webpage as simple, elegant text – even pages that cannot entirely be loaded in the standard RSS view. Touching an icon in the top right corner of the screen switches over to “readability” mode, which opens the article you’re currently viewing in its entirety.

Readability will try to fetch the full content of an article. This is faster than loading the web page and doesn’t require to open the in-app browser.
To view an article with Readability, tap the “R” button in the toolbar or use the pinch-open gesture on the article view.

If you have a Google Reader account, and haven’t yet downloaded Reeder for iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you should. Because all three are excellent, must-have apps. As always, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.