About a week ago we introduced you to Airship Software’s rather neat video recording app, Precorder, which allows you to record up to 10 seconds of footage before you even hit the record button. Although we thoroughly enjoyed putting it through its paces, the lack of HD quality video left us feeling a bit disappointed in the end.  Shortly after the article was published the developers took to our comments section and let us know that an update was in the works which would add this capability.  It turns out that they weren’t just yanking our chain, as Precorder is now able to record video in HD.

The latest version of Precorder features a high quality video recording option, which can be found in the Settings app.  To enable it, open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down your list of apps to find Precorder, and then tap on it.  Here you will find a single switch that allows you to enable the high quality video recording option as long as you are using an iPhone 4.

Enabling high quality recording will push the resolution from its previous high of 480×360 to a much, much more desirable 1,280×720.

Precorder v1.1 also now displays a progress bar when saving videos, and fixes the Facebook uploading bug that plagued the previous version.

Feel free to show your support for a developer who actually follows through with their promises by giving Precorder a try.  It’s still available for the introductory price of $.99.