Those of you that are “plugged-in” almost certainly have heard of Quora. It’s a flourishing Q&A platform that has already gathered some of the best minds in the tech world. Unfortunately, while Quora already boasts a solid webapp,¬†it still lacks a native client.

It’s coming, or so we’ve heard. However, while we impatiently wait for it, the first third party client has just made its way to the App Store this week.

Called¬†Social Questions, the free app is really just a wrapper. That is, it has iOS-like tabs and such, but all it’s really doing is displaying Quora’s iPhone webapp. Yet, the additional UI elements make it much more convenient and easier to use. Also, it’s free, so if you ever use Quora from your iPhone, this one is a no brainer.

Social Questions is available in the App Store now, free of charge.