Adobe Systems’ vector drawing app, Adobe Ideas, hit v1.2 last week. The latest version adds more layer manipulation options, improves performance in a couple of areas, and allows sharing to external displays.

The last announcement regarding Ideas was the release of v1.1. That update brought native support for all devices through a universal app, undo functionality, iOS 4 multitasking support, and the Draw Layers feature.

Ideas v1.2 adds the ability to move, scale, and rotate each layer, plus enhancements to panning, zooming, and smoothing. For those who’ve invested in a Dock Connector to VGA Adapter or Component AV Cable, you can share your creations easily to a group via a HDTV, projector, or computer display.

Adobe Ideas provides simple vector-based drawing and erase tools for creating new artwork or modifying previous images or photos. The Organize gallery is the place to browse, duplicate, delete and resume a project. At the bottom, you’ll find buttons to start a new project from scratch or using an image as a starting point.

Tapping on the Colors tab will allow creation and deletion of 5-color palette sets. These color palettes are automatically generated after choosing a photo or other image. If you don’t prefer a color the app has chosen, tap the corresponding box on the left and drag the magnifying glass until you find a color you do like. From my use of the app, having plenty of different palette sets is extremely useful.

The app includes a paintbrush and eraser tool that can be adjusted in size by .5 increments from 0.5 to 60.0. Opacity adjustment works from current to future. Basically, you can’t change the transparency of a previous stroke. However, the premium Draw Layer feature does allow you to change the opacity of an entire layer. While it can be tedious at times, there is a 50 action undo / redo capability.

There are five color choices available within quick access, and you can change color palettes (from those you’ve created) by tapping the “>” or “<” symbol in the colors section of the toolbar. It’s possible to change colors as needed by tapping on any color choice and choosing a new one using the color picker. Be forewarned, the color isn’t saved for later use. That’s another big reason to have your favorite colors available in a custom palette set.

At the completion of a project, it can be saved to the Camera Roll or emailed in a high quality PDF for sharing or further manipulation by other programs.

Adobe Ideas is a free universal app compatible with iPad, iPhone, and IPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later. The Draw Layers Feature package is an optional $4.99 in-app purchase.