GIFVid is a new, fun photo application for the iPhone, which allows users to glue a series of photos together and create an animation.

Take a couple of snapshots on your iPhone handset, launch GIFVid, and the $2 app will create a GIF animation out of a maximum of 16 photographs. You can choose whether you want the animation to play forward through your images, or backward – and you can choose the animation speed.

Once you’ve created your animation, you can upload the lightweight file to a social network, or e-mail it to your friends.

GIFVid‘s developer, Eiji Nishidai, sees the app as being a quick and easy way to share videos. And, that’s true, though the resulting animation is quite unlike the kind of HD video iPhone 4 users can record.

Essentially, this application is a bit of fun, and isn’t to be taken too seriously. It’s only $2, and while it could be cheaper, the app has already received its first update, meaning the developer isn’t going to abandon the app anytime soon.

Take a look at GIFVid in the App Store, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.