Rocketcat Games’ third hook-themed distance game for iOS, Hook Worlds, has received its very first update, which adds a fourth world and a bunch of new features.

If you downloaded Hook Worlds during its first few days of availability, this first bit of the news may not be overly important to you since you already have this “new” fourth world unlocked as a bonus for being an early adopter, but now it’s available for free to everyone. It’s a very basic and blocky world that gives an even bigger nod to early ’80s-era games, and can only be unlocked if you have achieved a silver medal in any of the previous three worlds. There is also a new hat and hook rewards that can be obtained by reaching certain milestones.

Additionally, the game now features full Game Center support, complete with leaderboards for each of the four worlds and a total of 24 achievements to obtain. The update has also added Retina display support, fast app switching support, costumes that are available via in-app purchase, and endings for each of the first three worlds, once again, as long as you have achieved at least a silver medal.

The update did create one little problem, however. Some users have reported menu display issues, but don’t fret, there is a workaround. Just go into settings and scroll down until you see the “Flip Screen” option. Turning this off will apparently fix any display issues.

Hook Worlds v1.1 is now available in the App Store for $.99.