Great news, iOS gamers: the highly anticipated iControlPad is available to order now!

If you haven’t heard of iControlPad, this clever accessory essentially allows users to turn their iPhone into a true gaming machine. With iControlPad, users can interact with iOS games via a series of physical buttons, kind of like a Game Boy or PSP.

Simply clip your iPhone into iControlPad, and you’re good to go! Furthermore, because the accessory communicates with your device via Bluetooth, it can be used with many other smart phones – and even with your computer.

We first told you about iControlPad a while back, when the accessory was still in its latter stages of development.

Now, iControlPad is available to order for $74.99. The first 1000 units will start shipping around February 16.

For more information on iControlPad, take a look at the accessory’s official website. And, if you want to order an iControlPad for your iPhone, head over to its order webpage.