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Funny Status Updates for Facebook ($0.99) by Erik G. Productions is a Facebook companion app that is designed to add some spice to your your experience by adding a little fun and creativity. This iPad app uses Facebook Connect to update your status from within the app.

The app comes with 3500 status update templates, but offers two additional $0.99 in-app purchases (2000 more update templates and Stealth Mode). To have full access to everything this app offers, you’ll spend around $3 total.

For this review, I did not include the in-app purchases, since I believe a significant amount of content is offered in the basic version.

Categories that aren’t offered in the basic app are identified by lock icons. If you click on the locked category, you’ll be asked to confirm the in-app purchase, so be careful.

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The app offers two distinct ways to post status updates. You can use the funny, creative templates and magic tricks that you’ll copy and paste. Or, the special characters, with which you’ll type your own updates and get translated text.

Upon launching the app, you’ll find a “Tap here to update your status” form button at the top, 15 high definition icons all representing different categories of status updates in the middle of the page, and a three button toolbar at the very bottom.

The toolbar consists of a Facebook login, a shopping cart icon to purchase add-ons, and an information button to submit questions and comments to the developer.

When you click on a status update you like, simply tap the Copy button and paste. The templates are not meant for you to copy, paste and post. You are encouraged (via displayed text) to modify the template to your liking. This app is not a Facebook replacement, only a companion. When using this app, you’ll be posting directly from Funny Status Updates For Facebook HD to Facebook.

It also lacks the ability to view other people’s posts or read and respond to comments. Adding this functionality would significantly enhance the app.

It’s worth noting the app crashed once while I was using it and I found a few bugs. The area that needs the most work is the Favorites and Hide sections, represented by a star and a trashcan icon respectively.

The icons are too small and far too close together. They also don’t work correctly, as status updates you hide sometimes appear in favorites and the favorite option doesn’t work.

I asked the developer about these issues and he informed me it is a bug that he is aware of, and is working to resolve.

Funny Status Updates for Facebook by Erik G. Productions screenshot

The idea behind this app is to enhance your status updates with creative and entertaining message templates as well as special characters, which it absolutely succeeds at.

I had a blast with the special characters, upside down text, magic tricks and creative smiley faces. Most of the content was good.

I had difficulty guessing some pirate translations, since only some words are translated. I suggested the addition of a pirate dictionary, which the developer was very receptive to.

Despite the issues identified, I was impressed with the app. If you are a hardcore Facebook user or would just like to add a little creativity to your status updates, I think you’ll love this app.