There are few things worse than smelling a fart in an elevator, and knowing you’re trapped in there with the smell for the immediate future. That is the premise for Bad Air Day where you try to help Artie the bell boy keep the guests away from the smell. The Bad Air originates from Artie himself, as he had some Mexican food for lunch, and now has to work the elevator in the afternoon.

The green gas aerates from Artie, and you try to direct it to the elevator vents without passing by the noses of the guests. The premise is hilarious, and it’s built into the Game Center achievements, and various sayings for each completed level. The game is an endless ascent, and you go floor by floor with guests coming and going on the elevator.

As you rise Artie is gassier, and there are more guests on the elevator, and the funny thing about the guests is the absurdity of the clientele. There are robots, UFOs, and apes on top of the more traditional old people, business men, and heiresses. Another amusing aspect is the look on the faces when the gas reaches their nose which is culminated by them turning into skeletons when they’ve had too much.

Beyond being humorous the gameplay is quite enjoyable and challenging. It’s great swiping the gas around with very precise controls in an attempt to avoid all the noses. There is a lot of gas, and not much room to maneuver especially once three guests enter the elevator. There are two vents that alternate on and off so you’re never swiping to the same point, and you don’t know when they’re going to switch.

The gas can pass over guests’ noses, but if it stays too long they die, and you have three lives to work with. There is a pie chart like indicator showing how much more they can take, and the less they smell the more it’s worth when they get off. Soon you’re madly swiping on screen to get the gas up to the vents as quickly as possible in the most direct route going over people, but doing it quick.

The elevator really packs up, and Artie is just ripping out more and more. As an endless game you always have to start back at the beginning, but if you reach the 15th floor there is a fart fairy the next time you play which will send you back up to level 10 if you choose. The gas behaves consistently while although not authentically, you can understand how to manipulate it.

The game is the same every time, so it can feel monotonous after a few plays. The gameplay changes at each level because every assortment of guests changes the strategy of pushing the gas around. There is a nice art style, and a goofy soundtrack, though it isn’t elevator music.

Bad Air Day ($0.99, universal) is a surprisingly breath of fresh air with a unique game mechanic, and plenty of personality. It’s worth picking up for $0.99 that will bring fun and laughs with every toot.