Bills can be overwhelming especially if you have a number of different ones with multiple companies. There are many ways to manage your bills, and keep them in one place, and one relatively new entry is Bills ~ on your table HD which gives you multiple options, and a wood table like interface. There are categories for nearly every type of bill you could think of including credit cards, mortgages, utilities, phone, taxes, invoices, entertainment, insurances, rentals, and a catch all other category.

You load up the app, create an account with just an e-mail, and then start adding your bills. You don’t add any of the account details on any of your bills so safety isn’t an issue, and you can sync your account between the internet, and your iOS device. You simply add the amounts, and the due dates for all your bills so that you have easy access to see them all in one consolidated place.

The interface is wonderfully designed to give you one list of all your bills as well as a mini calendar with the wood table style background. You will never forget to pay a bill again once you add all the due dates as the app has indicators on the app as well as push notifications at the interval you set. For example you can be reminded with a push notification three days before a bill is due, and when you view it in the app you see the entire catalog of all your bills to see which amounts go where, and how the rest are situated for the month.

Adding bills is just as easy as viewing them, and it’s really a great source for those who forget or just have a tough time keeping track of all the different bills. It’s great that your bills account syncs automatically between devices so no matter how you have access you are informed of your bill status. The app allows for setting up monthly recurring bills as well as single payments, and also incorporates partial payments.

Bills HD also keeps statistics of your payment record, and allows for practically every currency around. Now just note, this is only for tracking and managing upcoming bills, and doesn’t let you add in your checking or savings accounts.

The app does what it sets out to do extremely well, and delivers it all in a beautiful package, and just exemplifies what an iPad app should do. Bills ~ on your table HD is a should buy for $4.99 if you’re looking for a one stop shop for your bills.