One of the many features Apple’s iOS devices boast is their ability to act as e-book readers. While the iPad is the only piece of Apple hardware I might consider launching an e-book on, both the iPhone and iPod touch can run e-book reading apps, too – such as iBooks, and of course, Kindle. But, does this mean Apple can seriously take on Amazon – whose Kindle device is solely designed as an e-book reader?

According to data collected by Book Marketing, the answer is “yes.” Apparently, over in the UK, more people read e-books on iOS devices, than on Kindles.

However, over the pond in the US, Amazon’s Kindle is still miles ahead of Apple devices. This could be attributed to better advertising and product awareness. Or, perhaps things will soon change – maybe next year, more Americans will have chosen an Apple iOS device (most likely the iPad) over an Amazon Kindle.

You never know, more people may just end up buying both. If you have an opinion, feel free to post it in the comments.

And, just to clarify – the data collected by Book Marketing concentrated on hardware only. If you took into account the number of people reading e-books via the Kindle iOS app, everything would change.

[via TUAW]