How much does Apple actually dislike those that help users jailbreak their iDevices? Apparently quite a bit. According to news first reported by the iPhone Download Blog, Apple will not allow iDevice owners to access the Cydia website when in their retail stores.

Each time Apple releases an iOS update, jailbreakers find a way to pick the iOS apart and call it their own. And last year, federal regulators said it was no longer illegal to hack or jailbreak an iPhone. However, that doesn’t mean Apple is happy about it.

Visitors to any of Apple’s Retail Stores who try to access Cydia, the software application needed to jailbreak an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad, using their iDevice along with Apple’s Wi-Fi hotspots are now out of luck. Instead of visiting Cydia, users are redirected to Apple’s own website.

Apple’s decision means absolutely nothing and won’t stop users from jailbreaking their iDevices. Still, it’s pretty hilarious.

What’s next? Is Apple going to block access to the Google or Microsoft websites too?