Research In Motion’s (RIM) popular BlackBerry Messenger service could be coming to iOS devices as an app as early as April 26, according to a message left at the MacRumors forum. If true, this would confirm an exclusive BGR report earlier this month, which stated RIM was developing BlackBerry Messenger apps for iOS and Android, which would arrive sometime in 2011.

The BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) app would allow iPhone/iPod touch users to communicate with anyone who has a smart phone using the BBM service. However, according to the original BGR report, the app will be a stripped down version of the real thing.

The Messenger app will not include two key components: the ability to share photos and location information.

Non-BlackBerry users currently rely on apps such as WhatsApp and Kik to communicate with Messenger customers. However, according to BGR, RIM was unhappy with these third-party attempts and decided to release their own app.

Some may see RIM’s decision to offer a service on a competing platform as counterproductive. However, it seems sound. It will open up the BlackBerry experience to others.

We’ll keep you updated on this changing story.

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Update: BGR concludes the Research In Motion WILL NOT release the app on April 26.